Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Weezer Day!

I guess we'll get the 2009 archives started up now, with this first post of mine in the new year. I have really neglected my blog lately because I don't really use it for small personal updates, and my posts about other things are generally big and long. I just haven't sat down and typed up a big long blog post in a while. My Twitter account is very active, however, and if you want more poojalooba_cow, I suggest you folllow me on Twitter rather than checking up on this blog frequently, because this blog's update schedule is anything but frequent. It might possibly be getting a little busier in the next little while, because I've got some ideas for content that I can blog about. I want to do some CD reviews and some Emerging Artist profiles, and I'll slap them up here on this blog when I get around to writing them.

Anyway, today, Weezer, as a band, turns 17 years old. Sure, it's also Valentine's Day, but I prefer to remember Weezer's birthday instead of some corporate commercialist "holiday". Weezer has come a long way since their humble beginnings in "The Garage" in LA in 1992. Most of it has been good, some of it has been for the worse. I guess I'll go over a little bit of that in this post.

Also, last weekend Weezer won their first Grammy in their career - their song Beverly Hills received a Grammy nomination in 2006 for "Best Rock Song" but they honestly didn't deserve to win that because Beverly Hills is the worst song that Rivers Cuomo ever wrote (the sweet talkbox solos don't even make up for the awful rest of it). This time, they really did deserve the Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video - the video for Pork and Beans is hilarious and was the most-watched video on YouTube for a number of weeks. The song itself also spent eleven weeks at the top of the Billboard Modern Rock chart, but the Grammy award wasn't for the song. Maybe someday if Weezer picks up the game a little bit, someday they might win a Grammy for the actual music they perform. In my opinion, Weezer hasn't released any Grammy-worthy songs since 1996's Pinkerton album, except maybe Hold Me on the Make Believe album (but it wasn't released as a single so it didn't receive enough exposure). I still love Weezer, but their songs are not the best of the best, the cream of the crop (the exceptions are of course, Pinkerton and The Blue Album, which are absolutely amazing instead of just fun like the other Weezer albums).

Hopefully with this new "business model" that Weezer is pursuing - with every band member contributing to the songwriting and other creative processes that used to be hoarded by frontman Rivers Cuomo - the Weez boys can maybe earn back some respect from fans of the old Weezer, as well as gaining new fans and good critical reviews without falling back on tired pop formulas.

I saw Weezer in concert during their 2008 Troublemaker Tour (on October 7, 2008) and it was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. They were way better than they have ever sounded on an album, and Rivers sounded great (I'd seen live videos of Weezer before and Rivers sounded pretty bad, but he sounded excellent in concert. I also learned later that he had just recovered from a head cold. It didn't reflect in his vocal performances at all). Despite all the awesome music, one of the most excellent things at the concert was the statement that Rivers made at the end: "See you next year." That implies, in a vague and subject-to-change way, that Weezer was going to record and release another album quickly and go back on tour in 2009. I heard rumors that Weezer was scheduled to head back into the studio in November 2008, but then Brian Bell quashed that rumor and stated that Weezer had no definite future plans other than enjoying the Red Album for a while. However, recently I've heard reports, from sources very close to the band, that Weezer is working at least part-time in the studio with Jacknife Lee and that means there's possibly an album due at about the same time the Red Album came out last year, and possibly a subsequent tour. Rivers has said that he wants to tour again in 2009. I don't think he'll tour for the Red Album again (Weezer has never done two tours in between albums, except during their five-year hiatus between Pinkerton and the Green Album). I think this means that we can probably expect a Weezer album out in the second half of 2009 somewhere, and hopefully there will be some Grammy-worthy stuff on it this time!

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