Friday, November 21, 2008

Links To Cool Stuff!

I'm back after a really long break to bring you a few links to cool things. I'll start posting a little more regularly from now on, because I've got three more cool electronics projects that I'd like to write about, and I'm thinking about reviewing some of my favorite classic albums, instead of just new ones. I've also started work on a new website and am writing/recording songs feverishly, so I'll write updates about my music project as well.

For now, though, I've got a list of cool Internet stuff that you should check out.

"A Scientific Attempt To Create The Most Annoying Song Ever" -This "song" is twenty-two minutes of mind-numbing hilarity. It's not really one of the most annoying songs ever, it's one of the most hilarious. Written according to data collected in the 1990's, this song incorporates everything from country western to opera to rap to children's choirs to pipe organs and tubas. Check out the rapping opera singer and the children's choir ripping on Wal-Mart.

"Songs To Wear Pants To" - Andrew "Pants" Huang lives in Toronto and is a prolific songwriter. He writes songs as his full-time job and earns money from commission and from $0.99 downloads of his popular songs. I wish I could earn $50 - $200 per minute of music from people wanting me to write songs about anything from first loves to robot pirates and hot dog eating contests. Here's a list of a few of his songs (there are almost 400 free-to-stream songs in his archives) that demonstrate his breadth and versatility and tongue-in-cheek style. Most of his songs are free to download, but if you like one of the paid ones enough, please give the guy a buck to download it. It's his only source of income, so support the guy while getting awesome songs!

The Indie Band Survival Guide -For those looking for good advice and information on everything from recording to CD manufacturing to gigging to merchandising, The Indie Band Survival Guide has got you covered. It's just about the coolest thing ever. I've found it very useful in my own musical explorations.

Le Site Du Billou -Billou is a guy from Lyon, France and he's very very smart. He helped me set up the chat function on my old site, and I've respected him very much ever since. He speaks English well enough to be fairly clear on most of his points, but some of his sentences are worded a little weirdly and they take some thinking about before you understand them. He's an excellent HTML coder and .xml gadget-builder. His site is full of little tips and tricks for Google Page Creator, but many apply to other sites as well. His HTML/JavaScript tricks are pretty impressive, and his site is worth checking out, if just for the "Google Page Explorer" gadget that parses and reads the sitemap.xml file of almost any website (every website that has a Sitemap.xml file, at least) and can show you every single file and page attributed to that site.

Nvu/KompoZer - Nvu (pronounced "En-View", for "New View") is a simple WYSIWYG web page editor. KompoZer is the updated version with bug fixes but exactly the same user interface. It's really very easy to use and makes web page authoring quick, painless, and almost fun. You can apply all kinds of attributes to anything just with the click of a button, and easily call external sources like Flash, Applets, CSS Stylesheets, and JavaScript. Think a low-power, free Adobe Dreamweaver and you've got it. I am currently in the process of authoring my own website with the remarkable KompoZer program and I'm enjoying it immensely.

Anyway, I'll be back soon with more personalized updates and I'll get the blog rolling again.

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