Monday, April 14, 2008

Links To Cool Stuff!

I'm back again, after gathering up a bunch of cool things to share over the last month. Here goes:

Snopes - Snopes is an online urban legend-busting site, kind of like unto MythBusters, but with all of its information readily available online. You can find anything you want, from urban legends to virus scares to presidential candidate myths to forward emails debunked. It's amazing, and anything I read anything suspicious or receive a false-sounding email, I immediately check Snopes. It hasn't let me down yet. - I was very suspicious about this one, until Snopes backed it up! is an actual charity site that really does donate twenty grains of rice for every words problem you get right. The rice is paid for through the advertising at the bottom of the site, and it really does go to starving children. Try it out! It's good for your vocabulary and it's good for those who are less fortunate than yourself.

Twitter - This is like a mini-blog that only lets you post 140 characters per post, maximum. It's great for little updates on projects that you're working on. Mine is

The White Stripes - This band is absolutely wonderful. Jack White on vocals, guitar, and piano, and Meg White on drums and backing vocals. Their sound is simple, stripped-down and raw, but it's amazing. Everyone and their dog has heard "Seven Nation Army" but you should try out their other stuff, such as "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)" or "Icky Thump" or "Blue Orchid" or "My Doorbell" or "The Hardest Button To Button". Heck, just buy all of their albums and you can thank me later.

Dave Barry's Blog - Dave Barry was a humorous column writer for the Miami Herald for a number of years (alas, he no longer is), as well as a pulitzer-prize winner for his books. He's quite possibly the funniest guy in the history of the universe, and he's got a blog, which he updates about eight times a day. Most of his updates are links to bizarre news items, but quite a few of them are hilarious little tidbits that he has written or thought about, or et cetera.

Bathtime In Clerkenwell - None of the videos on YouTube had decent sound quality, so that's a link to my own site's upload of it, which has much better sound quality. I know I've mentioned this before, but if you liked the song, you can download the music video from my site, for your own personal enjoyment, without having to be tethered to the Internet to watch it. All credit for this movie and the music behind it goes, of course, to Alex Budovsky (animator) and Stephen Coates (composer).

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