Sunday, April 6, 2008

Both Familiar And New

First off, you'll have to go to and download this font here if you want to read this blog post in the right font. It's in weezerFont in honor of them. It's an awesome font! I guess if you don't download that font, it'll just appear in the regular Blogger font, but how can you resist a font based on the weezer typeset? (Hey, that's a cool question mark! ?????)

There has been lots of information concerning weezer's sixth studio album recently, and I thought I'd add my two cents to the bank of thousands of people blogging about it.

According to, the new weezer album will "very likely" be released on June 17th, 2008. It will "very likely" be self-titled "weezer", just like their 1994 "Blue Album" and their 2001 "Green Album". It will "very likely" be a red color theme, thus the "Red Album" (hence the red-ified past weezer albums above [yes, I was the Photoshopper. Yes, I didn't to very well. Yes, they look cool anyway]). The album's first single is "confirmed" as "Pork And Beans". Other songs "possibly" on the album include "Everybody Get Dangerous", "Automatic", "Ms. Sweeney", a "12 letter word starting with T and ending with R" (my money's on "Troublemaker"), "I'm the Greatest Man That Ever Lived", and "Daydreamer".

I can't wait for this album. I've been an all-out weezer junkie for about a year now, and I own their Blue Album, Maladroit, and Make Believe, as well as selected songs from the Green Album and Pinkerton (such as "Hash Pipe", "Island In The Sun", and "El Scorcho"). I fully plan on buying the rest of Pinkerton and Green, as well as buying the "Red Album" the very day it comes out.

If you haven't heard of weezer, or haven't liked their singles very much, you really should give them a chance. Their clever lyrics, their amazingly catchy riffs, and their energetic power pop style has totally endeared them to me in just a few short months. Good thing they're signed with Geffen for at least two more albums!

If "Beverly Hills" is too repetitive and lame for your style, if "Buddy Holly" is getting old, you should dig deeper into weezer's albums and discover some of their other gems. Honestly, the best weezer songs were never even considered as singles. Songs like My Name Is Jonas, Surf Wax America, Across The Sea, Butterfly, Don't Let Go, Slob, Burndt Jamb, Hold Me, The Other Way, and Freak Me Out are way better than the singles on their respective albums. Try some weezer. Grow to love them. Get hyped for their next album. It's gonna be great!

If you're afraid that weezer's new album is going to be too safe and unoriginal, like unto their 2005 album Make Believe, have no fear. Rivers Cuomo (weezer's frontman, duh!) has said that the Red Album will be entirely different from anything weezer has done before, containing "longer songs, non-traditional song forms, different people writing and singing, instrument switching, TR-808s, synths, Southern rap, and baroque counterpoint." There's a sample of Patrick Wilson (the drummer) singing lead on a song called "Automatic (LA Riots Remix) for a trailer of Gran Turismo 5 here. I can't wait to hear other weezer members stepping up and taking lead. Come to think of it, I can't wait regardless! Track-by-track review to come on June 17th, if I haven't died of excess anticipation before then.

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  1. Hey Jordan, We love "Island in the sun" at our house.