Tuesday, March 18, 2008

poojalooba_cow's Debut On The Silver Screen

I'll start off by saying that I absolutely HATE Disney Channel and almost all of the content they put out. That said, I will be appearing in the new "Disney Channel Original Movie" called Hatching Pete that will be out this December. Apparently it's a story about a really popular kid named Pete who is also the school mascot, which happens to be a large chicken. Apparently he thinks kids will laugh at him for dressing up as a chicken, so he tries to hide this fact from people. I'll be appearing alongside (okay, not alongside, but behind) well-known Disney channel actors like Mitchel Musso (Oliver in Hannah Montana), Jason Dolley (Newt in Cory In The House), and Brian Stepanek (Arwin in The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody). These are all Disney Channel shows that I absolutely HATE, but oh, well.

It was shot earlier today near where I live, and they needed two marching bands (it was a parade scene along our old, "historic" part of Main Street). Me being in the band, my band director asked a few of the band members to show up as extras at 6:30 IN THE MORNING! It was so cold that my instrument (trombone) stuck to my lips when I tried to play it. We didn't actually play any music, though. We just stepped in time and pretended to play. They'll dub over us later.

I spent fourteen hours standing around on Main Street and we got maybe a good fifteen minutes of footage. I was highly disgusted, and I have decided that I will never, ever, EVER join the acting guild. Too much time-wasting and not enough doing.

I was one of three trombone players in the "Rooster Band" (Pete's hometown is Brewster, and their school mascot is the Rooster, so they're the Brewster Roosters), and when the movie comes out, I'll be the trombone player on the far left of the screen (or, more easily, the only person of the male gender playing the trombone). There were two marching bands, but I was in the one with the big letter B on our chests, not the "dorky flannel star" band (the star was a patch covering up their high school marching band logo [holy crap, I just realized that I use a ton of parentheses. I need to cut back...]).

Besides marching in a band, our extras group jammed to some (horrible) tunes at the parade, and chased a car-jacking chicken. There were even some stunts we were slightly involved in, including a chicken doing a backflip and a bunch of hay bales exploding.

All in all, the day was about medium level tolerable. It was fun at times, but at other times it was terminally boring. I understand that being on the set of a movie as a main character is lots of fun, but being an extra most certainly isn't.

Supposedly, there is some money involved in being an extra, but alas, I am not to see any of it. Apparently the time and skill of my bandmates and me (yes, that's the proper way to put it) was donated to my band, which is currently heavily in debt. Other kids who weren't tied to local bands claimed that they were being paid upwards of $150 for the same things that we were doing, so I'm just a little chapped about that, as you can well understand.

Anyway, watch for me in December on none other than everybody's favorite Disney Channel! I bet you can't wait, huh? Well, I can.


  1. I also was a trombone in the movie for the roosters (obviously we did different days). Those were the most boring days of my life. I sat there for 14 hours doing nothing for the entire time except make obviously fake visuals with my instrument. It was very clear that the directors knew NOTHING about marching band (i.e. they wanted us to bob to everything) and the drum major was even conducting in the wrong time. I was signed up to go for 4 days, but I only went 2. I am so glad I didn't go the other days. I haven't heard anything about when we are getting paid either.

  2. Yeah, they had us bobbing to the music and they only wanted us to move our slides down from first to second to third to fourth and then to repeat, over and over and over again. Our drum major was good, though, because she's the regular drum major for our school.

    They also had us break ranks and run over to the big egg float and pretend to be excited and having fun when they played that garbage music, and then they made us chase the car-jacking chicken, and I felt like a total fool the entire time.

    Breaking ranks is something that no marching band would ever do, no matter how unprofessional they are. Go figure.