Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Return Of The Weekly Links!

I've decided to expand the topic to a weekly link to cool stuff in general, because writing a post to a cool site like XKCD like I did or a cool video or something is relatively pointless. Other blogs do it, but I won't. What Jman--8 posts is, of course, up to him (he actually is working on a post right now, but there hasn't been anything added to it in over a week), but I'm just going to stick everything I found that I think is cool into one weekly post. This blog is about interesting and thought-provoking technology and video games and concepts, not just a drain for us to pour all the cool things we find into. Henceforth, I will be posting all the cool things I find that don't quite merit an entire blog entry into this weekly topic. Soon there will be a whole big long list of weekly cool stuff links to search through! (Jman--8, you're more than welcome to add your own weekly links to cool stuff if you feel the need.)

First off is a cool blog I found awhile ago but haven't mentioned anywhere before, and I just realized that. It's called the Weekly Geek Show and they talk about all things geek. They have a podcast and lots of separate categories and reviews and opinions on things. It's pretty cool, but it can be slightly profanity-laced sometimes, so read with discretion. http://weeklygeekshow.com/

Next up is a hilarious music video I discovered a while ago. It's called "Bathtime In Clerkenwell" by "(The Real) Tuesday Weld" and animated by Alex Budovsky. It's awesome - the tune is catchy and addictive, and the video adds even more hilarity to the mess. http://youtube.com/watch?v=awuTkVytgYs

Lastly, just in case you missed the original hype, it's not too late to get hooked on Line Rider. It was originally created as a deviantART project by Bostjan Cadez (a Slovenian art student), but inXile Entertainment bought the rights to the game. They've claimed they were going to release a version for the DS and Wii, but the "tentative release date" was over a year ago and nothing has happened with it other than a video by TechDawg (Line Rider's most prolific rider) showcasing a new version of Line Rider. It's still fun to play the old Beta 2, however, but I recommend downloading the Flash File to your hard drive by clicking "File -> Save Page As" in your browser, because playing it online is slow and full of advertisements. http://linerider.com/play-line-rider-online

Well, that's all for today, because I didn't have a list of stuff that deserved mentioning. I'll start collecting things for next week's starting right now, though. There'll be a better variety next time. Promise.

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