Monday, December 31, 2007

A Year Old And Still Going Strong

It's been reported by that they sold about 17 Wiis a second when they had them in stock this season. That means that one minute after they listed Wiis in stock, they had already sold over a thousand. They also reported that this holiday season was their busiest ever, with sales climbing to 62.5 items a second. This link here humorously describes the news, reinventing the cliché "Selling like hotcakes" to "Selling like Wiis". I saw a funny editorial cartoon in the newspaper the other day along those same lines, with the owner of a pancake shack commenting "Wow, our hotcakes are selling like iPhones!" Sadly, an Internet search for the image yielded no results. The Wii and the iPhone and the iPod Touch are the hot commodities this year, and that suggests some interesting things.

This news, I think, is a good omen for Nintendo. It means that they're still doing quite well with their little underdog machine. I'm a Nintendo fanboy through and through, and I think it's excellent that Microsoft and Sony are finally being trounced. Sure, Microsoft still has sold more 360's than Nintendo has sold Wiis, but that's because the 360 has a year's head start. The selling right now is about a four-to-one margin for the Wii. They're flying off the shelves faster than Nintendo can produce them, and even though Nintendo has doubled its monthly production rates (two million Wiis created every month, now), they still cannot meet demand for this excellent, "Revolution"-ary machine (they should have stuck with the old Nintendo Revolution name, I liked it better, and I'm sure many others did too). Nintendo's stock has more than doubled in the last year, and it keeps going up and up. I think there are great things to be expected of Nintendo in the coming years.

Of course, Nintendo could tank once again, as is their wont over the years. They do well off one thing, then they try too hard to be different and revolutionary with other things, and it turns out they're just making poor choices. They hit a home run with the Wii, but other "innovative" Nintendo items haven't done so hot. Does anyone remember the Nintendo Power Glove? No? How about the "Virtual Boy"? Of course not! There have been some pretty hard falls for Nintendo in the past, but I think they can go far with the creative talent they have nowadays. Here's hoping.

Good luck trying to find a Wii anytime soon. Oh, and Happy New Year.

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